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How Granify Reduced Cart Abandonment Rates by 9.35%

This multinational shoe and accessory retailer had made significant investments in personalization to improve their conversion rate, but they knew they could convert more shoppers from existing traffic. 

The Challenge

With over 3000 stores in 100 countries, this global shoe retailer was having trouble with their e-commerce presence.

Their website consistently was seeing cart abandonment rates of 84.7% - with the majority of online visitors leaving without making a purchase, even after demonstrating interest in a product. This problem was even more significant for their mobile traffic, with 87.4% of shoppers abandoning their carts when shopping on mobile devices. 

The Solution

After an extensive search for a potential partner, Granify’s Revenue Optimization Platform was chosen. Leveraging machine learning, Granify jumped into action, predicting how individual shoppers behaved from second to second.

Granify worked with the retailer to create a set of shopper engagement tools specifically designed to decrease cart abandonment. These were tested with a 90-day proof-of-concept period.

Their Goal

To reduce cart abandonment rate enough to increase overall site revenue by 5%.

The Outcome

Immediate results, in the first 90 days:  


Decrease in Cart Abandonment


Increase in


Conversion Rate
Lift on Mobile

Granify’s impact was strong across all sources:

Social Ads


Direct Traffic


Paid Search




“We knew our website was leaking customers, but we didn’t know why. None of our analytics programs could tell us. So for a long time we accepted the fact that there were some people who visited our site that just weren’t going to buy anything, and there was nothing we could do about it. We’re so happy we decided to stop accepting this problem and partnered with Granify to help us solve it.”
E-Commerce Manager

Global Retailer

Is Granify right for you?

By partnering with Granify, this national shoe and accessory retailer was able to quickly and significantly grow its e-commerce sales. On average, our partners see a reduced cart abandonment rate of 15%. 

Risk-free partnership

We only make money if you make money. There are no implementation fees and no ongoing fixed fees. You don’t pay anything unless Granify generates incremental sales that you wouldn't otherwise have, and that you are able to independently validate.

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Interested in Learning More About the Work We Did With This Global Footwear Retailer?

Our customers want Granify to be their best-kept secret. If you’d like more information on how we integrated with this retailer to decrease cart abandonment rates, our team would be happy to provide additional insights about the work we did and the results they saw. 

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