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How Granify Raised Average Online Mobile Session Value by $0.17

$0.17 per session might not seem like a lot, but when your site has hundreds-of-thousands or millions of sessions, that’s what we’d call a ‘pretty penny.’

The Challenge

This leading clothing retailer needed a way to intelligently engage with customers in order to grow e-commerce revenue. They were experiencing a rapid increase in the volume of shoppers visiting their website via mobile devices.

The Solution

By partnering with Granify, this national clothing retailer was able to capitalize on this additional mobile traffic through mobile-optimized messaging while simultaneously picking up significant revenue gains across desktop and tablet channels. 

Over the first year of implementation, Granify boosted mobile e-commerce sales by 6.82%

This is roughly the equivalent to converting an additional

1 in 15 Shoppers

During the second year of partnership, Granify
continued to demonstrated reliable growth:


Lift in mobile e-commerce sales


Mobile session value increase

Why choose Granify?

No ‘cold-start’ period

Granify starts optimizing sessions and lifting revenue upon implementation.

Zero setup fees

And also zero ongoing fixed fees.

Rigorous attribution

We ensure that all incremental sales can be independently and transparently validated.

White Glove Service

Granify does all the heavy lifting for you.

Mobile problems require mobile solutions

By partnering with Granify, this retailer was able to quickly and significantly grow their e-commerce sales. Download the case study to gain more insight into how Granify was able to increase our retail partner's mobile revenue (or to share it with your team.)


Interested in Learning More About the Work We Did With This International Retailer?

If you’d like more information on how Granify integrated with this retailer’s platforms with a focus on driving mobile revenue growth, our team would be happy to provide additional insights into the work we did with them and the results we saw. 

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