How Granify Partnered With Influencers to Increase Revenue Per Session by 4.2%

A national home shopping channel was utilizing influencer marketing to highlight their products, but knew there were more opportunities to leverage these high-performing partnerships.

The Challenge

Our partner, one of the largest home shopping programs in the United States, sees hundreds of thousands of products ordered each month, and was working with influencers to endorse popular items to their shoppers.

This direct-to-consumer retailer approached Granify to brainstorm additional ways of leveraging their influencers, with a focus on delivering influencer recommendations and reviews to a larger, equally engaged audience.

The Solution

Granify's experts were tasked with helping this national network share influencer content to the online shoppers that would benefit most from the insights. 

Our team used Granify's machine learning technology, educated by billions of sessions, to power product spotlights that showcased relevant influencer reviews to shoppers across a wide variety of categories, from fashion and beauty to items for moms, and even for shoppers on a budget!

Campaigns ran through the peak season, and saw immediate results.


increase in conversions


increase in revenue per session

These seasonal influencer spotlights performed even better than other top-performing campaigns:



additional incremental revenue compared to promotional tactics



more conversions than our best-performing urgency messaging



more revenue per session than recommendation campaigns

The initiative was so successful that Granify was able to drive over $150,000 in incremental revenue for our retail partner in just two months.

Recognizing the value of a true partnership

Just like influencers recognize the value of the relationships they have with their audiences, at Granify we know that relationships are what matter most. Our success is built on personal 1:1 relationships with all of our partners, and our dedication to partner success means that we only make money when you do.

Read our one-pager to gain more insight into our partnership with this international home shopping channel, or to share with your team.  


Want to learn more about how we helped this national shopping channel?

If you’d like more information on how Granify was able to highlight influencer campaigns to drive both conversion rate and revenue growth, we'd be happy to share additional insights into the work we did with them and the results we saw. 

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