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How Granify Increased WooThemes' Revenue Per Visitor by 36%

Woothemes (Now WooCommerce) had already had great success. They had grown dramatically in the years since their inception in 2008. But like any good business, they wanted to grow more. 

The Challenge

As WooThemes (now WooCommerce) began to implement tracking tools within their already conversion-oriented website, they noticed a sharp dropoff in the time between when a customer added something to their cart, and when they checked out.

They tried multiple different approaches to negate this issue, from diversifying product lines, to design and formatting of the site. None of these managed to increase the conversion at checkout in a meaningful way. It simply wasn't enough. 

The Solution

Granify worked closely with WooThemes to craft a set of prompts aimed at those shoppers that were stuck between adding something to their cart, and checking out.

Granify deployed two approaches to this. First, the hesitant shopper was shown a limited time offer discount code, to encourage them to checkout. Second, a prompt informing customers of WooThemes hassle-free refund policy was used to instill confidence within the consumer. 


Using A/B testing, Granify was able to show just how effective our service is. 

Divide and Conquer

Granify identified the shoppers who were not going to complete their purchase, and divided them into two groups.


The first group (a control group), was shown a personalized spotlight. The second group was shown one of these targeted messages.


The results showed that WooThemes clearly earned extra revenue that would have been lost if Granify had not stepped in.

The Outcome


Increase in Revenue Per Visitor


Average Order Value Increase


Conversion Rate Increase

“I love services that I can set and forget. Granify was easy to set up and we quickly saw results, all with very little work. We've learned to trust big data services. I would absolutely recommend Granify to other online stores — we have the data to back up our success.”
Warren Holmes

WooThemes CIO

Unlocking Success
by Unblocking Data

Woothemes knew they had to take a different approach to their site than just using intuition with their users.

They already had the data telling them what the issue was, they just had to apply it. They needed something that could take that data, and make the experience personal for the customer. 

That’s where Granify came in. 


Interested in Learning More About the Work We Did With WooThemes?

If you’d like more information on how Granify optimized WooThemes site to increase revenue, our team would be happy to provide additional insights about the work we did with them and the results they saw.