How Granify Increased a National Shopping Channel’s Revenue by $34.5 Million

A national home shopping channel was seeing high conversion rates on their e-commerce site but knew that there is always room to improve.

The Challenge

Perhaps high existing conversion rates wouldn’t seem like a problem to most retailers. However, for one national home shopping network, good wasn't good enough. They were not going to be satisfied until they had achieved the best performance that they possibly could for their e-commerce website.

The Solution

The experts at Granify were tasked with helping this retailer reach a conversion rate above their already excellent baseline. Granify used our machine learning technology, educated by billions of online sessions, to power product spotlights that incorporated Granify’s proven learnings and the network’s unique branding.

Granify’s solution capitalized on opportunities to maximize the probability of conversion for each shopper in real-time.


Increase in conversion


Increase in online revenue

Rocket to the moon 2

The retail network’s conversion rate went from better to best, increasing by 3.09%.

This growth produced an annual increase of $34.5 MILLION in online sales for the retailer. 

Optimizing for conversion

All of these results were achieved with no implementation fees and no ongoing fixed fees. Our partners only pay for the incremental sales that they wouldn’t otherwise have without Granify.

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Interested in Learning More About the Work We Did With This National Shopping Channel?

If you’d like more information on how Granify integrated with this retail partner and drove both conversion rate and revenue growth, our team would be happy to provide additional insights into the work we did with them and the results we saw. 

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