How Granify Increased an Airline’s Average Flight Booking by $23.39

When this international airline needed support raising the average order value for flights booked further out from the departure date, they came to Granify.

The Challenge

This international airline had a high load factor and knew that they could increase revenue by upselling add-ons for flights being booked more than six weeks in advance of the flight date.

They also knew that independently building a system to target influenceable travellers with the most compelling add-on would require a significant upfront investment of time and resources.

The Solution

The airline implemented Granify’s Revenue Optimization Solution. Granify uses machine learning to predict how individual travellers will behave from second-to-second.

The Granify team worked with the airline to implement campaigns that were optimized to increase the probability of a customer booking a flight while maximizing their purchase size.

Granify implemented three key strategies, none of which relied on discount promotions:

Tailoring urgency messages for passengers browsing flights greater than six weeks out

Promoting seat upsells and bundles to interested shoppers

Suggesting relevant add-ons including meal purchases, seat selection, and luggage

The results during the first year of partnership were exceptional, with an average increase of $23.39 for each flight booked.


Baseline Value


Granify's Value

This increase was present across all passenger tiers:


A move in the flight direction

Increasing the average booking size for this group allowed the airline more time and flexibility to manage price and other adjustments for the remaining seats. As with all of our partners, these results were independently verifiable by the airline and came with no other adjustments to their site or pricing strategy. Our integration with third-party analytics providers gives our partners the ability to easily validate the results.

By partnering with Granify, this airline was able to quickly and significantly grow the average value of their flight sales. Download this one pager to gain more insight or share it with your team.  

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Interested in Learning More About the Work We Did With This International Airline?

If you’d like more information on how Granify integrated with this airline to drive revenue growth through time-based targeting and optimizaion, our team would be happy to provide additional insights about the work we did with them and the results they saw. 

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