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How Granify Increased a Retailer’s Instagram Traffic Conversion Rate by 31.24%

As online shoppers continue shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices, social media is becoming an even more critical traffic source.


The Challenge

This international fashion retailer was seeing a growing portion of its e-commerce traffic arriving from social media and mobile devices, with a spike in Instagram originating traffic. 

The retailer knew that there was a major opportunity to increase revenue by improving conversion rates among these sessions.

The Solution

Granify's experts partnered seamlessly with this retailer's internal team to optimize their e-commerce sessions to convert more shoppers – without sacrificing average order value.

Partnering with Granify would provide the retailer with a step up in revenue for the traffic coming from all sources, including Instagram.

Rocket to the moon

Granify increased conversion rates by over 30% for this retailer within the first 100,000 sessions.

Conversion rates from Instagram
traffic rose by 31.24%


Conversion increase
from Instragram shopping


Conversion Increase
from Instagram stories

Is Granify Right For You?

By partnering with Granify, this retailer was able to quickly and significantly grow their e-commerce sales, and we were able to help them focus their efforts on mobile and social-media originating traffic. 

Putting money in a piggy bank
No setup or fixed fees
We're only compensated for incremental revenue that you wouldn’t otherwise have.
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Integration with analytics
We integrate with your analytics provider, allowing you and your team to easily undersand your performance.
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Verifiable results
Our industry leading attribution methodology is transparent and leaves no grey area.

Converting Mobile Shoppers Without Sacrificing Average Order Value

Granify increased conversion rates significantly for the retailer within the first 100,000 sessions. Overall, conversion rates from Instagram-sourced traffic rose by 31.24%. Through Granify's machine learning optimized integration this was done without a decrease in average order value, and there was no need to spam shoppers with offers or messaging.

Granify knows how to show shoppers the right message at the right time. And by partnering with Granify, this retailer was able to quickly and significantly grow their e-commerce revenue. Download the one-pager to gain more insight or to share it with your team.  


Interested in Learning More About the Work We Did With This National Retailer?

If you’d like more information on how Granify integrated with this retailer’s platforms to drive revenue growth, our team would be happy to provide additional insights about the work we did with them and the results they saw. 

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