Granify Increases Airline Conversion Rates by 10.35%

An international airline was looking to increase its e-commerce conversion rates, with a particular focus on flight tickets booked near the departure date.

The Challenge

As flight dates approached, this international airline was looking to sell the remaining seats on their flights without lowering ticket prices or offering any additional promotions. 

They were seeking a partner to help them capitalize on existing traffic without requiring a significant upfront investment of time or resources.

The Solution

The airline implemented Granify’s revenue optimization solution to target individual, influenceable travellers through machine learning.

By predicting the behavior of these travellers, the Granify Brain was able to automatically take advantage of opportunities to increase the probability of a flight being booked.

Granify assessed the situation and implemented two key strategies:

The airline’s onsite conversion increased by


Within four months

Rocket to the moon

By decreasing the number of unsold tickets without lowering prices, the airline was able to maintain a high passenger load without sacrificing their top line.

Seeing success take flight

By partnering with Granify, this retailer was able to quickly and significantly grow their online revenue, all without sacrificing their price per ticket or being forced to offer special promotions.

Just like with all of our partners, there were no implementation fees and no ongoing fixed fees for this work. Our partners pay nothing if Granify doesn’t generate incremental sales that they wouldn’t otherwise have. The results that we see with our partners are independently verifiable and come with no other adjustments to your site. Our integration with third-party analytics providers allows you and your team to easily validate the results.

Rocket Blasting Off - Small

Interested in Learning More About the Work We Did With This Airline?

If you’d like more information on how Granify integrated with this airline and drove revenue growth without sacrificing their top line, our team would be happy to provide additional insights into the work we did with them and the results we saw. 

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