How Granify Increased A Footwear Retailer's Online Sales by 7% in 90 Days

At this international footwear brands brick-and-mortar locations, associates are trained to observe shoppers and provide recommendations. Finding a way to replicate this online would enable them to capture many of their previously missed sales opportunities.

The Challenge

E-commerce is an increasingly important part of this international footwear retailer's business, but like many sites, their conversion rate had room to improve. They were in need of a partner that could help convert more online shoppers without requiring a significant upfront investment of time or resources.


The Solution

The team at Granify worked with this retail partner to implement our Revenue Optimization Platform. Granify uses machine learning to predict how individual shoppers will behave from second-to-second and automatically takes advantage of opportunities to maximize their probability of purchasing.

During the initial
90 day proof-of-concept period, the retailer experienced a 6.98% increase in revenue.


The Results

Revenue Increase in the first month
Revenue Increase by the third month

Their Search For A Partner

This international retailer had five key requirements when evaluating potential partners:

  • Proven: They wanted to invest in a partner that had proven it could drive significant incremental sales for retailers at scale.

  • Performance-Based: They wanted a partner that was willing to forego any fixed fees and receive a commission only on verifiable incremental sales.

  • Fast Results: They wanted to see a meaningful jump in sales as quickly as possible.


  • Accountable: Since they only wanted to pay for verifiable incremental sales, it was critical that there was a way to monitor and validate performance using its existing analytics software, Google Analytics.

  • Full-Service: With a major backlog and limited resources available for new projects, it was important to the retailer that their partner had a highly competent and responsive team that was willing to provide white-glove service at each step of the implementation process and beyond.

After an exhaustive search for partners, only one met all of the requirements — Granify.

"We knew our website was leaking customers, but we didn’t know why. None of our analytics programs could tell us. So for a long time we accepted the fact that there were some people who visited our site that just weren’t going to buy anything, and there was nothing we could do about it. We’re so happy we decided to stop accepting this problem and partnered with Granify to help us solve it."

From Proof-Of-Concept to Long-Term Partnership

Prior to the Proof of Concept period, we agreed that a 2% sales lift would constitute a successful test. After an extremely successful trial period where Granify’s impact on sales grew from 4.09%, in the first month, to 7.70%, in the final month, it was an easy decision to enter a longer-term agreement.

Since then, Granify has created additional shopper engagement tools with this retail partner to lift incremental sales even higher. In the most recent month, incremental sales lift was 9.41%.


Interested In Learning More About The Work We Did With This International Footwear Retailer?

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