How Granify Increased Revenue by 17.6% on Sessions Coming From Facebook

A national fashion retailer needed an optimization solution for their e-commerce website which would focus on driving revenue growth from their existing traffic, much of which was entering the site from Facebook.

The Challenge

Since a large portion of their current traffic was being driven from one source, this fashion retailer realized that they needed to increase conversion rates for Facebook-originating sessions without reducing the average order size. 

The Solution

Our team worked with this retailer to implement Granify's Revenue Optimization Platform, ensuring that the tools displayed properly across all device types and allowing the company to leverage their evangelized customer base.

The first 4.4 million sessions Granify optimized saw a total increase of 17.60% in revenue per session

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The Results

MoBile Revenue Increase
Desktop Revenue Increase
Tablet revenue increase

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Granify analyzes the digital behavior of each session, creating the optimal path to conversion for every shopper.

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If you'd like more information on how Granify integrated with this retailer's platforms to drive revenue growth, our team would be happy to provide additional insights about the work we did with them and the results they saw. 

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Is Granify Right For You?

Granify removes the risk from the partnership. There are no implementation fees or ongoing fixed fees. You only pay if Granify generates incremental sales that you wouldn’t otherwise have attained.

Our industry-leading attribution methodology is transparent and leaves no grey area. Our integration with third-party analytics providers, including Google Analytics and Omniture, allows you and your team to easily validate our results.


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By partnering with Granify, this retailer was able to quickly and significantly grow their e-commerce sales. Download this one-pager to gain more insight or share it with your team.