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How Granify Increased Revenue by 17.6% on Sessions Coming From Facebook

A national fashion retailer needed an optimization solution for their e-commerce website which would focus on driving revenue growth from their existing traffic, much of which was entering the site from Facebook.

The Challenge

Since a large portion of this national retailer's current traffic was being driven from one source, this fashion retailer realized that they needed to increase conversion rates for sessions originating from Facebook traffic without reducing the average order size. 

The Solution

Our team worked with this retailer to implement Granify’s Revenue Optimization Solution, ensuring that dynamically generated product spotlights displayed properly across all device types and allowing the company to leverage their evangelized customer base.

Granify worked with our retail partner to design and develop campaigns that: 

Broken down by device type, the impact was positive across the board:


Mobile Revenue Increase


Desktop Revenue Increase


Tablet Revenue Increase


The first 4.4 million sessions Granify optimized saw a total revenue-per-session increase of 17.60%

Delighting existing shoppers; driving revenue growth

By analyzing the digital body language of each user during each session, Granify was able to create the optimal path to conversion for every shopper. By focusing on sessions coming from a single source, we were able to leverage our machine learning backed integration to minimize the friction in each shopper's experience. 

Through their partnership with Granify, this fashion retailer was able to increase their conversion rate by almost 20%. Download this one pager to gain more insight about, or to share with your team.  


Interested in Learning More About the Work We Did With This Fashion Retailer?

If you’d like more information on how Granify integrated with this retail partner to drive revenue growth, or are interested in a tailored value proposition, our team would be happy to provide additional insights.

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