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Integrating across four brands to drive 3.6% revenue lift in just 60 days.

When the largest specialty retailer in the United States reaches out to you to integrate with 4 US sites, 4 Canadian sites, and 2 Factory stores, you figure out how to make it happen.

The Challenge

Even though this Fortune 250 retailer had already significantly invested in personalization and A/B testing across all of their brands’ e-commerce sites, they approached Granify to see how our machine-learning backed product spotlights could drive additional incremental revenue.

There was only one problem: their four brands operated autonomously, yet they all shared the same cart and check-out functionality.

The Solution

Granify worked collaboratively with our partner’s e-commerce and IT teams across all four brands to custom-build a system that would allow for product spotlights to be designed and developed to align with each brands standards, while sharing cart and check-out data. 

 This also gave us the ability to provide real-time reporting for overall performance across all brands, while still being able to drill down into each brand’s individual metrics.

Granify worked collaboratively with our partner’s e-commerce and IT teams across all four brands to custom-build a system that would:

With the solution in place, the results were immediate.

Granify's integration increased both revenue per visit and conversion rate by over 2% in the first 2 weeks alone.

$18.9 Million

In Additional Revenue 

in just 60 days

In addition:

Man at coffee shop on phone
Performance was positive across all device types, but the greatest lifts were on mobile (their primary traffic source)
Shopping bags
Average order size and items per transaction stayed consistent and unaffected throughout the trial period
UX Whiteboard Sketch Wireframe
Granify messages that guided shoppers to the checkout process at the ideal time provided the greatest conversion rate lift.

Improving on an already industry-leading conversion rate

This partner’s largest brand already had an industry-leading conversion rate of 5.5%, and they did not expect Granify to make such a large impact. With the success of their Proof of Concept trial period we moved forward with integrating Granify with their four Canadian sites as well as their two factory sites.

As with all of our partners, we only make money if you make money. There were no implementation fees and no ongoing fixed fees for this custom solution. Our partners pay nothing if we don’t generate incremental sales that they wouldn’t otherwise have attained.

As of 2023, Granify has generated over $200 Million in incremental revenue for this retail giant, and is averaging a conversion rate lift greater than 7.2%


Interested In Learning More About Granify’s Work With This Giant of the Apparel Industry?

If your e-commerce site has unique requirements for integration, our team would be happy to see how we can create a custom solution, tailored to your needs.

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