Neil Lamoureux - Headshot
Granifam Spotlight

Neil Lamoureux

Principal Software Engineer

As a Principal Software Engineer, Neil knows a thing or 200 about programming—amongst many other things. Aside from managing both the Analytics and #AI teams, Neil spends his days doing a medley of things, from architecting and prototyping, to sprint planning and reviewing codes. But nothing matters more to him than helping his team members progress in their careers. Any time he can, Neil finds ways to provide the training, technologies, and mentorship they need to thrive. And when he’s done, he wraps up his workday with a nice walk around the block with his two pooches, Shiva and Honey.

Neil’s interest in numbers, data, and algorithms began way back when, and has created the perfect equation for a successful career. After graduating from the University of Alberta with a degree in Mathematics, Neil went straight into the world of software development, before heading back to school to complete his MBA. From there, he worked on system integration projects, took on a VP Engineering role, and even helped launch a  start-up for virtual chatbots. Then, in 2018, Neil joined the Granify team, where he’s been focusing on programming ever since.

“I never realized how focused e-commerce is on performance metrics,” he says. “Granify let me share my experience and help the engineering side of the company grow in a sustainable way.” 


Neil’s Faves:

What do you get up to when you’re not Granifyin’ it up?
I like spending time with my family and dogs, doing stuff around the yard, strength training, cycling, 3D printing, cooking, and of course programming! 

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Song that’s on repeat on your playlist:
Do it Again by Steely Dan

Favourite Netflix show:
The IT Crowd, of course!

Dog or cat?
Star Trek…

Tea or coffee?

Mountains or ocean?
Why choose?

Early morning or late night?
Early morning

Three adjectives to describe yourself are…
Amusing, nerd, geek.

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