Nathan Filipek
Granifam Spotlight

Nathan Filipek

Business Intelligence Manager

As a Business Intelligence Manager, Nate leads the collection and organization of data for our clients, account managers, and product development team. A self-proclaimed “Data Bandit” and University of Alberta graduate, Nate always knew he wanted to work with businesses backed by data-driven decisions. So, he began studying ML application and code, and not long after, his career with Granify began. 

Now, three years later, Nate spends his days checking systems in the morning, touching base with his team throughout the day, and developing short- and long-term strategies for optimizing revenue impact. 

His favorite part of the job? The endless supply of data he and his team get to work with every day. The limitless information and ability to apply ML applications aren’t the only things he enjoys about Granify though. “Helping our clients succeed is very rewarding,” he says. “It’s a collective celebration between our team that goes beyond our company.”


Nate's Faves:

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Cinnamon buns

What do you get up to when you’re not Granifyin’ it up?
I compete competitively in Track and Field as a trained pole vaulter. I also enjoy yoga, meditation and stretching, and during the off-season, play basketball, toss a football, or anything else active out in the sun. 

Song that’s on repeat on your playlist:
Dua Lipa’s “Be The One”

Favourite Netflix show:
I don’t watch TV! I haven’t watched a movie or TV show this year yet.

Dog or cat?

Tea or coffee?
Tea, but only if I’m feeling guilty after having too much coffee.

Mountains or ocean?
Ocean. I’m a sucker for the beach and sunshine.

Early morning or late night?
Unfortunately, both.

Three adjectives to describe yourself are:
Ambitious, persistent, and vivacious

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