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Granifam Spotlight

Lindsay Shearon

Enterprise Account Manager

Ask anyone who shares an office with her, and they’d all say it feels like she’s been here much longer than a handful of months. That’s because Lindsay Shearon, Granify’s Enterprise Account Manager, brings a lot to the table—including some mighty delicious tacos for her team members to share.

An Economics graduate from the University of Texas, Lindsay began her career in the automotive industry as a Digital Marketing Associate. After five years of mastering her craft, she was eager to expand her knowledge into other areas of business. 

Enter Granify.

“In the wake of the third-party cookie revolution, I wanted to explore site optimization and utilization of first-party data,” Lindsay says. “Granify was the perfect fit!”

Now, Lindsay helps bring campaigns to life by bridging the gap between Granify’s developers and our partners. Her favorite part of the job? Besides collaborating with partners on ideas, Lindsay has a deep appreciation for the forward-thinking team she gets to work with every day. As for whether Granify has opened her eyes to anything new in the world of AI, she says our “Brain” has been most impressive.

“The Granify Brain is so interesting because it doesn’t pick what we could show a shopper; it selects what we should show them.”

Lindsay’s Faves:

What do you get up to when you’re not Granifyin’ it up?  
I’m a music junkie to the core—hence the reason I couldn’t leave the music capital of Austin when I graduated from university! Whether it’s crate digging for collectible records, going to local artists' shows, or attending festivals around the world, you can always find me talking about or pursuing something related to music.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Sorpotel Curry could keep me alive the rest  of this life and the next!

Song that’s on repeat on your playlist
Mi Mujer by Nicolas Jaar

Favorite Show:
Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon

Dog or cat?
I’m really more of a rodent/marsupial person. Meeting a quokka is the top of my bucket list, so if anyone can make that happen, it would be greatly appreciated.

Tea or coffee?
CLEAN brand peach Yerba Mate tea rocks!

Mountains or ocean?
The Ocean! It’s so beautiful yet mysterious. 

Early morning or late night?
Night owls unite!

Three adjectives to describe yourself are
Vivacious, inquisitive, and diligent

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