Accumulated Intelligence

Granify has ingested detailed behavioral shopping data on more than 10 billion shopper sessions in the last 3 years, including over 4 billion last year alone.

In each session, over 500 behavioral data points are collected every second, enabling the Granify brain to read and analyze extremely high-definition patterns. 

These patterns allow the brain to accurately predict the expected revenue each session will generate.

Granify Machine Learning Animation

Granify displays shopper engagement tools when they will be most profitable

The genius of Granify is the brain, which decides exactly to which shoppers to display a specialized message, what sort of message to use, and the precise moment in which it will have the greatest positive effect on the session’s expected revenue.


The brain is calibrated to increase revenue for our retail partners

Our single focus is generating additional revenue by identifying the optimal path to conversion for each shopper.


Attribution you can trust

It’s important that our partners can measure Granify’s impact on their sites. We measure performance against a randomly allocated control group, so you can be 100% certain of the incremental revenue Granify is generating on your website.


You will see immediate revenue increases

Our partners see a significant revenue gain within weeks of implementing Granify. Our results are integrated and displayed inside your analytics provider such as Google Analytics, making your ROI easy to measure and understand. 

Granify’s success is our partners’ success.

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