Accumulated intelligence that displays smart messaging only when it is most profitable


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The Granify Solution 1

Granify ingests and analyzes more than 500 behavioral data points per second for every session on your site.

The Granify Solution 2

The Granify Brain is our decision engine and compares this stream of data to the 10 billion+ sessions it has already optimized.  It identifies opportunities to increase the probability of conversion for each session.

The Granify Solution 3

Granify uses highly targeted smart messaging and dynamic personalization to intervene at the optimal moment during a session. A message is only shown if it will mathematically increase the probability of conversion.

The Granify Solution 4

The Brain analyzes every session's outcome. With every shopper, Granify gets even smarter — making your website more profitable.

Granify only makes money if you make money.

We are so confident that our product will increase your revenue that we don’t charge for setup or have any recurring fixed fees. We are only compensated for incremental revenue that you wouldn’t otherwise have without Granify. If we don't generate additional sales then you don’t pay a thing.


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