It starts with data

We analyze everything from the scroll speed, products & images viewed, and all the way down to their smallest mouse movements & hesitations.

Our machine-learning Granify Brain identifies thousands of patterns every second to identify the Expected Future Value of buyers who are at risk of leaving. 

Granify Machine Learning Animation

Next, we look into the future

At every moment, our machine learning technology is singularly focused on answering this question for you:

Out of all the possible future outcomes, what is the most profitable thing to do right now?
We identify that outcome and create the optimal path to conversion for your shopper.

When needed, we take action

When our system sees that your shopper is at risk, they will be shown a message that addresses their specific objection

We have many different messaging styles available, and our Influence Lab works with our retail partners to integrate fully custom designs to address even the most specific objections.


You will see immediate revenue increases

Our partners see an incremental revenue uplift of 3–5% within 90 days of implementing Granify.

Our results are integrated and displayed with your existing analytics, making your return from Granify easy to understand and effortless to access.


Let's talk.

Request a consultation with a Granify Solutions Consultant today to start optimizing your shoppers' onsite experience.