Accumulated intelligence that tailors the shopping experience by providing the right information at the right moment.

The Granify Solution 1

Granify ingests and analyzes more than 500 behavioral data points per second for every session on your site.

The Granify Solution 2

The Granify Brain is our decision engine and compares this stream of data to the 20 billion+ sessions it has already optimized.  It identifies opportunities to increase the probability of conversion for each session.

The Granify Solution 3

Granify uses highly targeted product spotlights and dynamic personalization to intervene at the optimal moment during a session. A message is only shown if it will mathematically increase the probability of conversion.

The Granify Solution 4

The Brain analyzes every session’s outcome. With every shopper, Granify gets even smarter — making your website more profitable.

How It Works

Accumulated intelligence that
displays smart messaging
only when it is most profitable

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