Increasing conversion rates shouldn't be an uphill battle.

Our technology tackles user challenges in the live browsing session. This allows you to focus on high level A/B-testing experience gains to satisfy specific shopper groups and sub-groups.

We increased conversion rates by 5% for a Top 50 U.S. retailer.

To optimize their return on the high volume of shoppers coming to their site, they had to increase their conversion rate and felt like they had hit a wall.


The Client

Granify partnered with a major American department-style retailer with 2,000,000 shoppers a week. Their traffic is largely driven by televised advertisements for their products. With a 50-and-over demographic, their site offers a unique challenge and needed to optimize the experience for consumers who did not grow up using digital products.

Their Challenge

Many shoppers were opting to save items to their cart, but then failing to complete the purchase. With a high volume of products sold on an as-advertised basis, these items were often sold out when the shopper returned. Despite having dedicated resources to increasing conversion rates, solving problems for the majority still lost visitors whose needs were more specific.

The Results

Increase in Revenue Per Shopper
Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Views of Cart Page

The Solution

Granify was able to identify multiple shopper groups. Some of the dominant types identified were:

  • Window shoppers
  • Already going to buy
  • Procrastinators, but had a legitimate desire to buy

To save this third type of shopper from the disappointment of missing out and to add some urgency to their process, we notified these shoppers if the item they had expressed interest in was at risk of selling out. This allowed the shopper to make a more informed decision, and in the process created a 14% Revenue Per Shopper increase and 16% Conversion Rate increase on both mobile and desktop for this valuable (and previously unidentifiable) segment.


Key Findings

Paralysis by analysis - One of the primary causes for cart abandonment. Shoppers often face more difficulty deciding when given a wide range of comparable items.

We messaged the shopper about the top product's sell-out risk. This shopper sharpened their focus on what they really wanted, and it reduced the friction of cross-item comparison. We made the decision about the product, not the price. By focusing on the real in-the-moment objection - and not offering broad-spectrum discounts - we increased purchases dramatically without hurting the retailer’s margins.

Granify - Shopper Choosing Between Items

Business Impact

The big win for our partner? We were able to recover an additional 14% of the revenue from this valuable segment of shoppers that the retailer had already invested in bringing to their site. These shoppers would have left without completing a purchase, but instead converted while on-site. This took no effort on the retailer’s part in testing traffic segments, drafting buyer personas, or poring over analytics.

Granify’s artificial intelligence platform identified who, what, and when to address to save these sessions in real time, which in turn recovered substantial revenue for the retailer. To conduct an analysis of the revenue Granify can help you reclaim from missed shopper opportunities, use the form below to request a consultation.


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