Granify enhances the shopping experience by providing the right information at the right moment for each shopper.

Granify enhances the shopping experience by providing the right information at the right moment for each shopper.

7.1 Billion

Shopping sessions optimized by Granify in 2022.

$688 Million

Incremental sales generated for the world's largest retailers in 2022.

Complex accumulated intelligence leveraged through a simple shopper experience

Using personalized spotlights, the Granify Brain (optimized over billions of sessions) is able to identify and target shoppers based on what matters most to them. Whether they are hunting for increased savings, trying to snag a hot item before it’s out of stock, or looking for recommendations based on past purchases, Granify is able to determine the optimal message and the perfect moment to display it.

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Displaying the right message for each customer

Granify’s dynamically personalized and highly targeted product spotlights can take a variety of forms, from subtle in-page call-outs to slide-in overlays to modals.

Furthermore, if you have a concept for a specific tool that Granify doesn’t offer yet, the team will gladly work to make your dream a reality.

Concept Example

Stepping in only when mathematically optimal

If the Brain identifies an opportunity to increase the expected value of a session, it takes action by showing the product spotlight that has the highest likelihood to convert.

For every session on your site, Granify will identify the optimal pathway to conversion. We know the value of showing the right message to the right shopper at the right time.


For immediate, proven results

It’s important that our partners can measure Granify’s impact on their sites. We measure performance against a randomly allocated control group, so you can be 100% certain of the incremental revenue Granify is generating on your website.

Our partners see a significant revenue gain within the first few weeks of implementing Granify. Our results are integrated and displayed inside your analytics provider, making your ROI easy to measure and understand. 


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“The Granify team is in constant communication with us, showing us campaign performance and innovating new ideas that drive results.”
Director, Digital Optimization & Operations
National Home Shopping Channel
“The product itself is incredible, and the customer service is second to none.”
Senior Digital Analytics Specialist
International E-Commerce Retailer
"Granify is 5 stars AMAZING, with turnaround on requests and needs."
VP, Digital
Fortune 250 Company

Our customers want Granify to remain their best kept secret

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