Stop playing catch-up with your shoppers.

The Granify revenue optimization platform increases the probability of your shoppers converting before they leave.

How It Works

Granify makes sense of shopper behaviour in real time.


ecommerce optimization solution - predicting the future

We don’t just predict the future, we improve it

Granify is e-commerce optimization for the future. The Granify brain predicts in real time which shoppers you are at risk of losing, then converts them.

How It Works


You need a partner as invested in your success as you are

We are only compensated for incremental revenue that you wouldn’t otherwise have without Granify. If we can’t generate additional sales for you, you don’t pay anything. Tell us about your business, and we’ll calculate how much extra revenue Granify will earn you!

Calculate Your ROI

Make data work for you.

The Granify brain learns from billions of unique shopper sessions every year. It observes, predicts, and analyzes their digital behavior. This means that our partners reap the benefits of an incredibly intelligent decision engine.


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