Why do people come to your site and not buy?

Learn how to drastically increase your revenue by identifying and overcoming these common shopper objections.

Get this report and you will learn:


Revenue Opportunity

Why sites in your industry are losing out on potential revenue from customers who have intent to purchase.


User Behavior

Insights in to buyer behavior that extend far beyond customer opinions and surveys.



What you need to be testing to overcome key objections.


Granify monitors over 400 attributes per second to fully understand your shoppers digital body language & predict their next move.

If our Decision Engine identifies a specific shopper's objection is likely to prevent them from purchasing, it will automatically introduce a message or stimuli to alleviate their concern and save you a sale – while they're still on your site. 

We've compiled the results from over 1.2 million messages to identify the most common reasons shoppers don't buy in your industry. This data is based on behavioral insights – no biased survey results or opinions.