Meet Taylor


Sumno mortis est cognata.

Taylor works on developing the core look and functionality of our front-end technologies. From strategizing different concepts for clients to coding, reviewing, and rigorously testing them, he is constantly staying busy!

What drew you to Granify?

My motivating force comes from producing things that push the limits. I was optimistic Granify would help me fulfull that drive, and that has certainly proven true!


What have you learned since joining Granify?

The importance of planning and group buy-in. There are many possible solutions, but usually only one that works best for everyone. Issues are easier to identify as a team, rather than on your own.


Why do you like coming into the office?

It's never going to be the same day twice! There is always a new problem to solve.


What has been your biggest accomplishment here?

All of my projects! And my personal growth, which is a direct result from my peers. It's an incredible feeling to be surrounded by people you respect and admire.


What challenges are you solving?

We're creating an intelligent web that pro-actively makes shoppers' online experiences better.


What do you like doing outside the office?

I'm a maker - I like making things. My hobbies include freelance design work, making music, and I even invented my own instrument! I've also recently gotten in to woodworking.


Want to work with Taylor?

It’s never going to be the same day twice! There always is a new problem to solve.
Meet Taylor
I’ve learned more about what makes a tech team work well together and what the team can accomplish together when there is a clearly communicated objective.
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