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How Granify Drove $830,000 in Revenue in Just One Month

With the winter months fading, it was time to spring into patio season. This national furniture retailer knew they had a small window to capture outdoor furniture shoppers, and wanted to make the most of their spring rush. 

The Challenge

This US furniture titan wanted to take advantage of patio season's huge revenue-driving opportunity. They created an outdoor furniture guide to highlight complementary pieces to increase awareness of their products.

Understanding that pieces like this can struggle to garner traffic, the retailer wanted to ensure their guide would be visible to readers and most importantly, encourage them to purchase full patio sets. If successful, this would result in a significant increase in revenue.

The Solution

Granify got to work creating a campaign to drive potential patio furniture buyers to their detailed guide. 

The team jumped right in, designing a widget that seamlessly appeared to website visitors and highlighted the product benefits in their guide.

Utilizing the Granify Brain and our existing data library of 20+ billion sessions, the widget was optimized to appear only to shoppers searching for outdoor furniture and accessories.

The Verdict

This campaign was optimized to only appear to the most relevant customers, resulting in 410,745 sessions and 23,548 orders. 

5% Lift

in Average Order Value


in Incremental Revenue

In just one month, we also saw: 


Revenue Lift


Conversion Rate Lift


More Per Order

Making the Most
of Patio Season

Granify creates contextual, personal, and relevant shopping experiences by pairing real time data with machine learning technology. Granify is able to drive consistent lift in revenue, conversion, and order values. Oh, and did we mentioned we have no implementation fees or fixed costs? We only make money when you do. 

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Want to learn more about our work with this national furniture retailer?

 If you’d like more information on how we integrated with this retailer to unlock their hidden revenue, our team would be happy to provide additional insights about the work we did and the results we achieved for this client.

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