Most people leave your site without buying.

What if you could step in and overcome their objections on the spot?
That's exactly what Granify does — here's how:


As soon as you plug into Granify's platform, we begin to analyze everything from the shopper's journey & pathway to their smallest mouse movements & hesitations.

Granify monitors over 400 attributes per second to fully understand their digital body language & predict their next move.

If our Decision Engine identifies a specific shopper's objection is likely to prevent them from purchasing, it will automatically introduce a message or stimuli to alleviate their concern & save you a sale –– while they're still on your site.

The entire process is automated. No additional time or effort required on your end.

Our pricing is based purely on an industry leading ROI. We know what works. Our mission is simple: to increase your revenue by helping more visitors buy from your site.

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Simple & Transparent Reporting

Results are reported in an easy-to-understand dashboard, making your return from Granify crystal clear.
Simple & Transparent Reporting
How much revenue are you missing out on by not using Granify?
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Request a Demo What does the shopper see?