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  • Simple Installation
  • Only Pay For Results
  • Customized Graphics
  • Complete Transparency
  • Works in Any Language
  • White Glove Service

Works automatically. No time or effort required after setup.
Works on any store with at least 100k monthly visitors.


Add Granify to your site

Granify works with all e-commerce stores and platforms, including custom built sites. Paste in our JavaScript snippet or install our plugin for your cart software. It only takes a few minutes, and our Installation Concierge is here to help.

Meet the Influence Lab

Our Influence Lab works closely with you to map out your shopper's objections & ensure each message is customized to perfectly fit your brand & website.

Begin the Objection Mapping Period

When you're ready to go live, we'll activate Granify and begin mapping your individual buyers' objections. Your site and shoppers are unique. That's why Granify learns & adapts what works for your store.

Watch the extra sales roll in!

Sit back & relax. Granify's big brained computers do the heavy lifting and get smarter as more and more shoppers go through the platform.

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