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What is Granify?

Granify is a conversion optimization platform that uses intelligence to inform and delight shoppers, increasing the percentage of visitors that purchase on your website or mobile application. Our mission is to identify moments in the online shopping experience where providing the right information to a shopper at the right moment will enhance their shopper experience and ultimately lead to them converting at a higher rate.

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Who is Granify for?

Granify works with e-commerce partners that average a minimum of $50 million in annual online sales. We’ve had great success across many industries including fashion, sporting goods, home furnishing, airlines, big box, and electronics.

Does Granify just serve pop-ups and promotions?

The short answer: NO!
The long answer: pop-ups are notorious for creating poor user experiences and increasing bounce rates. Not only does our machine-learning technology carefully discern the best moment to show intent-based messages so that shoppers will be more likely to be delighted (and in turn, make a purchase), we also are able to dynamically inject messages into the body of a site or app, so that the personalized messaging can also be shown in a page rather than on it.

How much does Granify cost to set up on my site?

We only make money if our partners make money.

We're so confident that our product will increase revenue that we don’t charge for setup or have any recurring fixed fees. We're only compensated for incremental revenue that you wouldn’t otherwise have without Granify.

What is Granify's Installation Process?

Once we agree to a partnership, our team will work with you to install our snippet on your site, as well as thoroughly testing installation to ensure that everything works as expected. While installation is happening, we also work to design and develop the dynamically generated Product Spotlights that will appear on your site. Granify designs and proposes these spotlights based on historical data. Granify wants all of our new partners to start with messages and delivery methods that have traditionally provided meaningful revenue lift for our partners. These proposed Product Spotlights are then reviewed and approved before being built by the Granify team. The approved Product Spotlights are built and tested by the Granify team on staging environments before being pushed to production. Finally, Granify ensures that our internal analytics are as aligned as possible with our partners analytics platforms. Performance indicators are agreed to before launch.

Does Granify use cookies?

It depends. The cookies we do use are very very small, smaller than 1KB. If your site is SSL and does not switch domains, we use zero cookies. Otherwise, we primarily use cookies for anonymized user and timestamp information.

Will Granify slow down my site?

No — we know how critical a fast and responsive website and mobile application experience is for e-commerce success. We go to great lengths to optimize Granify and ensure there are no negative effects on the shopper’s experience. This includes optimizations such as asynchronous loading, development according to best practices, and rigorously testing Granify in all major browsers and operating systems.

Does Granify collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information)?

No — Granify collects user behavior such as page loads and mouse events, products browsed, and purchases made. Granify does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about the user such as payment information or email address.

Who does Granify show Product Spotlights to?

From the moment a shopper lands on your digital property, Granify is ingesting over 500 data points each second. The Granify brain then compares the stream of data for the shopper to the data for the billions of other sessions we’ve analyzed. It answers the question ‘is there information we could provide this shopper at this moment that will increase the probability of conversion?’ If the answer is yes, it asks the question ‘is this the optimal moment to step in or is it better to wait?’. Usually the correct answer is to wait and stay out of the shopper’s way. But when an optimal moment exists to step in and share information with the shopper, Granify steps in.

Some people think we show messages to all or most visitors, but this isn’t the case — we actually target a very small proportion of your overall traffic: only people who we've identified are able to be influenced to change their mind.

Who is responsible for designing and building the Product Spotlights that will appear on my site?

Granify works collaboratively with our partners as we design and build the Product Spotlights that the shopper will see, including having our partners approve everything each step of the way. There are multiple meetings during the process to discuss copy, design, and placement. Granify will not launch anything on our partner sites or apps without approval.

Will I need any training?

No training required!

Granify provides white glove service, including setup and ongoing management of our partner campaigns. This means that instead of requiring your team to learn how to design, set up, optimize, and manage campaigns, we do all of the heavy lifting for you.

What is the Proof of Concept trial period?

It’s important that our partners can measure Granify’s impact. We start each partnership with a data validation versus a control group as well as integrating with our partners analytics, so you can be 100% certain of the incremental revenue that Granify is generating. 

What if I have questions or concerns during my partnership?

You don't need to worry about reaching out to a customer service agent. All of our partners work with a dedicated account manager. Our account team's mandate is to learn the ins and outs of your business so that we know almost as much about it as you do!

In addition to ongoing communication and any-time reporting access, we also schedule planning and review touch-points at the cadence that works best for you.

What if we don't see any lift by partnering with Granify?
We’ve never had a partner that we weren’t able to generate incremental value for. We typically see a significant revenue gain within the first few weeks of implementing Granify, with an average minimum Revenue per Session increase of 2% across all of our current partners. However, if for some reason you don't see a revenue lift, you don't have to worry about paying for a lack of results, as you only pay for incremental revenue that is 100% attributable to our Product Spotlights.
How do I access data and reporting results?

You will be able to view and drill into performance across your properties and campaigns through the Granify Performance Center. In addition to anytime access through this partner portal, your dedicated Account Manager will also walk through detailed reporting at whatever cadence works best for you.

How can I verify that the data being presented is accurate?

It’s important that our partners can validate Granify’s impact on their sites. We measure performance against a randomly allocated control group, so you can be 100% certain of the incremental revenue Granify is generating. Our results are integrated and displayed inside your analytics provider, making your ROI easy to measure and understand.

We already partner with other optimization vendors, can we still work with Granify?

Granify sits on top of and complements your existing personalization and marketing stack, so you don't need to worry about sacrificing the use of your other tools or solutions.

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