Conversion Optimization Checklist For Your Checkout Process


Although we often read articles on best practices, this is generalized information and may not be what works best for your target market. One of the best places to begin testing, if you’re interested in maximizing your revenue as quickly as possible, is your checkout process.

What to test:

Illuminate a clear path to checkout.
Remove forced registration or email capture (make this optional and after the purchase is complete).
Remove all navigation links to remove distractions.
Remove all footer links to remove distractions.
Test top-align labels vs. inline labels (if you’re using left or right-aligned labels now, try top-aligned).
Test the Call to Action button text. Try using something aligned with the user’s desires, like “Send me my stuff!” or something similar.
Test one-page checkout vs multi-page checkout.
Remove any unnecessary fields (ie. "How did you hear about us?"). You can always ask these later after the transaction is complete or in a follow-up email.
Test the order of fields (try starting with least sensitive information first and structure it progressively).
Use positive reinforcement (ie. "Only 1 step left and your items are on their way!").
Use visual feedback to instill a sense of progress (ie. checkmarks on completed sections).
Use security reassurances to reduce perceived risk.
Use phone numbers or live chat (test their presense and location to provide easy access to support).
Add the following text beside the email field: “We will send all the order details and tracking information to your email.” This reduces the degree of cognitive dissonance.
Use the Lapse Effect to make customers imagine the experience the item(s) will bring them.
If they’re already logged in, try providing a one-click checkout option.


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