WooThemes Case Study

Digital Goods

Revenue per Visitor 36% Average Order Value 9% Conversion Rate 25%
Compared against control group (September 2013)


WooThemes is one of the top providers of WordPress digital goods, including premium themes and plugins. Their business has grown dramatically since launch in 2008 through word of mouth, strong design & branding, plenty of community involvement and traditional online marketing such as blogging and paid advertising.

WooThemes has heavily invested in making their online store easy to navigate and conversion-oriented, and undertook several major website redesigns in the process. They've also worked hard to create a diverse product line — they have themes specifically for blogs, magazines, businesses, portfolios, and more — and keep up to date with the latest trends & technology, including a whole line of responsive themes designed for mobile compatibility.

The company has grown to over 30 employees and over 100,000 happy customers. WooThemes recently celebrated the one-millionth download of WooCommerce, their popular e-commerce plugin that turns any WordPress site into an online store.


At the beginning of the year WooThemes began investing significant time & effort implementing various tracking tools on their site. Up until then, nearly all decisions were based on intuition about what users wanted. WooThemes knew that to grow even further they'd have to make use of the huge amount of data their highly-trafficked site was generating.

WooThemes' decision-making process gradually became more informed by the hard data they were collecting and analyzing. One of the insights they gained was that a significant number of shoppers dropped off between adding an item to their cart and completing checkout.

WooThemes went through several redesigns of their checkout process in an attempt to increase completed purchases. The hope was that minimizing distractions and optimizing text & layout would increase conversions. But despite the significant amount of effort involved in these ongoing redesigns, their A/B tests showed mixed results and no significant improvement.

Frustrated, WooThemes decided to try a completely different approach to their conversion problem, which is how they stumbled upon Granify.

"We tried our hardest to rectify the drop off of shoppers between adding an item to their cart and getting to checkout; they simply weren't buying. That's when I stumbled upon Granify."

Warren Holmes
WooThemes CIO

Our Solution

After installing the Granify JavaScript code snippet — an "easy" process, according to Warren, WooThemes' Chief Information Officer —  we began processing the behavioural data being generated by WooThemes' visitors.

Granify then worked closely with WooThemes to create a set of messages aimed to encourage more shoppers to complete checkout after adding items to their cart. Two approaches were used: the first approach showed the hesitant shopper a limited time discount code, while the second approach opted to boost confidence by reassuring the shopper about WooTheme's hassle-free refund policy.


Granify identified shoppers who would not complete their purchase and divided them into two groups; Granify took no action on the first group (Control Group) and showed a targeted message to the second group (Granify Group). The resulting metrics, shown below, prove conclusively that WooThemes earned extra revenue that they would've otherwise lost had Granify not stepped in with the right message, at the right time, to the right shopper.

September 2013

  • Revenue per Visitor increased 35.86%
  • Average Order Value increased 8.98%
  • Conversion Rate increased 25%

"I love services that I can set and forget. Granify was easy to setup and we quickly saw results, all with very little work. We've learned to trust big data services. I would absolutely recommend Granify to other online stores — we have the data to back up our success."

Warren Holmes
WooThemes CIO