Mobly Case Study


Total Revenue Increase 6.38% Conversion Rate 7% AVG Order Value 2%
Compared against control group (November 2014)


Mobly is the largest online furniture and home furnishings store in Brazil, with over six million visitors per month. Focused on offering quality designer products at affordable prices, Mobly has mastered the challenging logistics and inventory landscape in Brazil, offering over 80,000 SKUs - the largest assortment of products in their market.

Mobly has succeeded in attracting a large number of customers who’ve never purchased such items online before.

Mobly prides itself on providing a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience that’s also fast and intuitive. 


After establishing their market leadership and a healthy base of traffic, Mobly’s challenge was to turn a larger proportion of their visitors into customers – to increase their conversion rate.

In an effort to increase their conversion rates, Mobly knew they had to provide an amazing shopping experience for their visitors.

That’s when they stumbled upon Granify. 

"We ended up trying Granify because testing it did not involve any risk and it was quite easy to implement."

– Felipe Brasileiro, Director of Marketing at Mobly


After integrating with Granify, Mobly was able to predict which shoppers weren’t going to purchase and change their mind while they were still on the site.

Specifically, Mobly was able to predict and influence shoppers that were:

· Price shopping (found a product they want, but are looking for the best price)
· Unfamiliar with their brand
· Unfamiliar with buying furniture online
· Looking to find opinions of others similar to them
· Concerned about buyer’s remorse / making the wrong choice
· Lost and couldn’t find the product they were looking for
· Stuck in “paralysis by analysis” given the large selection of alternatives

Mobly’s traffic was randomly divided into two groups; the Baseline Group and Granify Group. The Baseline Group ran in parallel to account for any external variable changes. Shoppers in the Granify group were eligible to receive targeted stimuli to increase their probability of purchasing if their behaviour indicated patterns resembling a non-buyer. Granify only triggered messages if it knew what was preventing the purchase.

By showing the right message to the right shopper at the right time (and in the right format), and subsequently overcoming their objections to purchasing, Granify was able to increase Mobly’s entire revenue by 6.38% by touching only a small percentage of shoppers (as of November 2014). 

"As a performance-driven marketing team, we think it is always great to see the conversion rate going up. Granify is able to tackle opportunities in real time in a granularity level that we can’t even reach. So it’s a perfect complement for our efforts as conversion rate optimizers."

Felipe Brasileiro, Director of Marketing at Mobly


  • Total Revenue increased 6.38%

Granify vs. Baseline

  •  Conversion Rate increased 7%
  •  Average Order Value increased 2%
  • Revenue per Shopper increased 9%

Message Shown vs. Not Shown

  • Conversion Rate increased 70.89%

"I would certainly recommend Granify to others (I have already recommended it to other companies in the same group). Mainly because it has brought us great results in terms of conversion rate optimization."

Felipe Brasileiro, Director of Marketing at Mobly

Granify increases retailers’ revenue by converting online shoppers that wouldn’t otherwise purchase and increasing the spend of those who would. 

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