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6 E-Commerce Design Tips to ABC (Always Be Closing)

Good e-commerce design is essential to keeping visitors’ attention and moving them toward ...

(Possible) Tenets of 21st Century Retail & E-Commerce

The phrase “The customer is always right” has been repeated in the retail industry for mor...

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Focus On Bottom-Of-The-Funnel Optimization - Where The $$ Is

Digital marketers tend to focus their efforts pretty early on in the funnel. This might be...

The Secret Weapon of the eCommerce Negotiation

Andre Pavlovic is the VP of Product at Granify. Prior to that, Andre was most recently Sen...

Prioritizing A/B Tests for the Highest Impact

Conversion optimization is one of the key techniques to getting the most out of your traff...

4 Commonalities Of Winning eCommerce Strategy

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" You've probably heard this proverb many time...

Using Scarcity to Create Shopper Urgency

The psychological impact of scarcity upon shoppers is well-known. Whether it's the number ...

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