Top Shopper Objections (Part Five): Health & Wellness


We all know that it's important to help your e-commerce shoppers. A shopper whose needs are met is more likely to convert into a buyer, and buyers are more likely to form long-lasting relationships with your brand. Raising your conversion rates even slightly can help you drive up your return-on-investment now and in the long term. With this in mind, we spend a ton of time at Granify working to identify and overcome shopper objections for our retail partners.

With billions of data points coming in every month, we want to provide some useful insight that the retailers of the world can start using right now. We've identified and compiled the top objections for 5 industries: Furniture, Fashion & Apparel, Department Stores, Outdoor & Garden, and Health & Wellness.

Top Shopper Objections for Health & Wellness stores

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At Granify, we’ve built a platform for identifying shopper objections and addressing them in the moment. Messages targeting the following objections have been shown millions of times and are selected based on their revenue-per-session impact. This means that these are the most profitable buyer objections that you can overcome if you are not already addressing them effectively.

1. “I want to know that these products are safe for use.”

If your brand is not a household name, you have to put in additional effort to establish credibility. With health products, you typically want to stress your expertise and any relevant certifications while vouching for the safety of your products.

2. “I want to know that other people in my situation have used these products and had good results.”

Consider using a variety of testimonials that are relatable to different users. Build relatability by showing how your employees or users are similar to your potential customers.

3. “I have questions about the product before I purchase.”

Make sure your phone number or live chat is available at all times in case users have questions about product differences. Being available to your potential customers is also a sign that you're trustworthy and credible.

All of the objections listed are based on samples of Granify's data on e-commerce department stores. Our focus is on increasing revenue per session, so we don't rely on discounts (although they have their place). This means that these are the most profitable buyer objections that you can overcome if you are not already addressing them effectively.

As a bonus, we've included suggestions of how to overcome these buyer objections to help stimulate your thinking and allow you to begin experimenting. However, these suggestions are only the beginning of what's possible – don't feel constrained by them.

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