Journey Inside an E-commerce Store

We all know how e-commerce works... right? Shoppers enter various areas of your site at various stages of the funnel, some buy, some don't, and you can bear all of this out with your data. But what really distinguishes an online shopper from an offline shopper? Why is conversion optimization so much harder in a world where all of your shoppers' metrics are right there at your fingertips?

We think about online shoppers and the best ways to help them all the time at Granify. So much so that we wanted to visualize the world of online retail to make it plain how hard it can be to service online shoppers, and how machine learning can be used to overcome this hurdle.


Our latest resource for retailers, "Inside E-Commerce", follows a fictional retail executive on a journey into the online store she runs. As a playful take on the show "Undercover Boss", our executive gains a new appreciation for the difficulties her team faces in this digital reality.

This illustrated guide is a quick read, and offers insights into:

  • The differences between online and offline shoppers’ mindsets
  • The challenges in addressing the needs of online shoppers
  • Real-world solutions to these challenges

Take the journey with us, and check it out!






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