Introducing The Granify MIx Page

We're excited to announce the launch of our website's newest feature. For a long time we've wanted to build a "sandbox", or a way for our visitors to better understand our technology and engage with our product in a tangible sense. Seeing is believing, after all.

So what is it?

We've created what is effectively an interactive demo. Internally, we've called this the MIx (Message Interaction) Page. It provides a live preview of some of our data collection features in an e-commerce environment, along with the ability to preview some of our message display mechanisms.




The experience consists of three core components:

  1. The E-commerce page
  2. Smart Messages
  3. The graphic user interface (GUI) on the left


The GUI is the window "under the hood" of our technology. The Data Examples update in real time as you interact with the page. The Display Method allows users to preview Sliders, Bars, and Tooltips on desktop, and Toast and Tooltip messages on mobile. The Device Preview allows users to toggle between mobile and desktop experiences.

Smart Messages

Our Smart Messages have a theoretically limitless amount of display mechanisms. As we move towards a more standardized toolset, however, we have selected our best-performing and most universally applicable message delivery mechanisms for visitors to preview.

Each message format is accompanied by an explainer tooltip that can be dismissed.

The E-Commerce Page

To add a layer of realistic context to this experience, a responsive e-commerce page was built to house the Smart Messages. The AcmeHome brand is one that we have used throughout some blog posts, sales decks and other pieces to visually display our product in a generic environment.

The products on the page can all be added to, and removed from, the cart. As the links are all essentially dead-ends (because this is a single page and not a whole e-commerce site), we've added notifications to inform users when they have clicked an ineligible link.

Cool, I want to try it out.

Awesome! Click this button. If you have questions about the MIx page or Granify in general, just shoot us an e-mail at hello@granify,com



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