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Granify's New Website for E-Commerce Machine Learning Info


Harnessing the power of machine learning technology can be an intimidating subject even for professionals whom it would benefit most. This is why Granify has revamped its website to make machine learning information and technology more accessible to e-commerce leaders looking for their next competitive edge.

Machine Learning for E-commerce.

On Wednesday, August 30th, 2017, Granify launched the new website on the domain www.granify.com. The new design aims to help professionals understand that machine learning technologies can generate measurable results—primarily with conversion optimization.

Using machine learning, a company can “watch” online behaviors the same way an employee can observe a customer in a brick and mortar store. Using this data, artificial intelligence shapes the customer experience to improve the likelihood of that visitor completing a transaction.

Initiating Machine Learning is No Longer a Challenge

Unfortunately, terms like “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” have a stigma. These technologies can seem out of reach or too complex. But with more and more e-commerce companies using machine learning, not having this edge can put a company at a competitive disadvantage. It’s important for e-commerce companies to look past the stigma and embrace machine learning to improve their competitiveness.

Granify’s friendly illustrations, simple design, and concise copywriting are intended to make the subject of machine learning approachable. For e-commerce executives interested in making machine learning a reality and an asset for their company, Granify’s website makes it easy.

Highlights of the New Website

The new website is packed with features for site visitors to learn more about machine learning.

Free Conversion Optimization Consultations

E-commerce companies can request a free consultation to review which areas of their conversion optimization strategy can be improved with machine learning. You can skip directly to that request by clicking the button below.

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Machine Learning Resources

Site visitors can go to the Resources page to access the many ebooks and whitepapers on conversion optimization including:

Team Information

Granify’s team page includes information on the talent behind the product. Prospective partners can view professional biographies of team members and rest assured they are making a sound choice.

Granify’s team includes individuals who are in the top tiers of their respective fields. For example, Granify’s Data Science Director is Marcin Mizianty, PhD, who has more than 30 peer-reviewed publications under his belt.

Easter Egg

An Easter Egg was also hidden in the source code of the website’s homepage.


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