Granify — Now Integrating with Android and iOS Applications

Mar 1, 2022 11:23:00 AM
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Granify Announces New iOS and Android Application Integration

Having optimized over 6.7 Billion sessions in 2021 across partner e-commerce sites, Granify is now bringing its machine-learning backed revenue optimization software to partner iOS and Android applications.

Analysts estimate that adults now spend more than 5.5 hours each day on their phones, with 88% of that time within applications. As well, more than 70% of mobile sales are now made via mobile branded apps. Shopping continues to be the fastest growing mobile app category with 54% year-over-year growth, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. On top of that, mobile commerce sales reached $3.56 trillion by the end of 2021, with 51% of mobile shoppers in the US making their purchases via apps. Personalized customer experiences are also quickly becoming not just a value-add, but an expectation, as 48% of shoppers state that they’ve left a brand’s website and purchased from a competitor because of a poorly personalized experience

With all of this in mind, a retailer’s ability to provide personalized in-app shopper experiences is becoming table stakes in the e-commerce industry. To help retailers compete in this increasingly competitive space, Granify has been working with our retail partners to implement our session optimization solution on iOS and Android applications.

How Does the Integration Appear for Shoppers

Creating consistency for end users has been integral in the development of the Granify for iOS and Granify for Android integrations. Much like the dynamically generated content that is currently displayed in mobile browsers, personalized in-app messages are collaboratively designed and developed to align with our partners’ brand standards while providing a seamless user experience. 

Mobile vs App screenshots of how Granify's integration appears

(mobile browser vs. iOS app)

The Granify team is also hard at work incorporating the full suite of personalization features currently available in browser to app-based shoppers. This includes Granify’s top performing personalization tools which identify shoppers based on over 20 engagement types, and display targeted content if it is mathematically optimal. Targeting by engagement type helps group shoppers based on their specific needs, such as highlighting current savings or flagging that the item they are considering is about to go out of stock.  

Which Companies Would Benefit From Granify for iOS and Granify for Android

We know that all retailers can benefit from utilizing Granify on top of their existing applications (and you can calculate just how much revenue you’re leaving on the table here). Currently we are focusing on rolling out the Granify app integrations for existing partners who have seen success through our traditional browser-based integration. We recommend using the app integration in conjunction with the browser-based solution to create a holistic shopping experience across desktop and mobile devices. We still recommend that retailers engage in a no-risk Proof of Concept period with their website to prove the effectiveness of the incremental revenue Granify is generating with 100% certainty. Once we’ve moved through the Proof of Concept period and a retailer wishes to move into a full partnership with Granify, we would then work collaboratively to evaluate if the Granify App integration makes sense for that partner’s unique business needs. 

What Does Setup Look Like

Granify app onboarding process, from sign up through to completion of proof of concept period.

Mobile app integration is a more hands-on process than traditional in-browser implementation, and the Granify team is dedicated to working collaboratively with the internal application development teams to ensure a seamless set up experience — whether that’s through co-working sessions or ongoing touch-points. Granify is dedicated to providing our partners with a white glove experience during, and after, the initial setup process. This means that the internal application development team will only need to assist with periodic SDK (Software Development Kit) updates, and won’t need to provide any additional ongoing support (unless significant changes are rolled out), and Granify will continue to work with partner stakeholders to create targeted campaigns and messaging. Granify also works with partners to align our SDK releases with partner app version releases, and typically recommends a phased introduction of our app integration to shoppers to ensure smooth adoption while addressing any issues that might arise before the integration is in the hands of all users.

Next Phases in the Development Process

To date, Granify for iOS has currently been installed and is seeing results for two of our retail partners, with more being onboarded in the coming months. Granify for Android is currently wrapping up its initial development, with partner onboarding slated to occur over the next couple of months. 

After the initial development phases are complete, we will continue to introduce unique personalization tools and engagement type targeting in pursuit of full parity between our in-browser and app-based solutions. Our teams are also working within the constraints of each platform to ensure consistent user experience between iOS and Android app users while recognizing that there may be platform or device based limitations (such as dark-mode implementation or unique back button functionalities.) 

We are already generating millions of dollars each month in incremental revenue for our existing partners through these app integrations, and we expect their efficacy to continue to increase as the Granify Brain learns and optimizes for the unique attributes of app commerce. This will enable us to continue creating the most highly optimized and personalized experiences for in-app shoppers while maximizing incremental revenue for our partners.

About Granify, Inc.

Granify uses machine learning and big data to enhance the shopping experience through on-site personalization, optimizing conversion rates and maximizing revenue for online retailers.

Granify helps enterprise e-commerce companies raise their current online revenue by an average of 3%-5% using machine learning technology to determine the optimal time to display dynamically generated Product Spotlights and personalized page content. In real-time, Granify is able to understand user behavior and trigger the right message, to be sent to the right person, at the right time. Granify was founded by CEO Jeff Lawrence in 2011, with offices in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and Austin, Texas USA, and is backed by Valar Ventures, BDC, FJ Labs, iNovia Capital and NEU.