Granify Earns E-Commerce Platform Accolade

Oct 25, 2022 9:00:00 AM
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Granify Receives Rising Star Award

Granify has received the coveted Rising Star Award from a trusted B2B review platform for its outstanding performance as an e-commerce conversion optimization platform. 


FinancesOnline, a leading review platform, has given Granify a Rising Star Award for its fantastic reputation as an ecommerce platform. Experts from the website have commended Granify for its exponential growth in a short span of time.

The popular review platform has evaluated Granify’s online presence, including user feedback, reviews, and social mentions about it. Through FinancesOnline’s detailed Granify review, it was determined that Granify is a leading e-commerce solution for increasing digital revenue and optimizing shopping experiences. 

The Granify BrainIn the review, FinancesOnline also discusses Granify’s impressive machine learning technology (the Granify Brain) which allows users to unlock insights about website visitors and mobile app users. Granify can assess digital body language so that retailers can better understand customer’s preferences and needs

In particular, the B2B review platform saw the impact of Granify’s enhanced reporting attribution, which enables retailers to easily see the impact of Granify’s products on their performance and ROI, with 100% certainty in the results. Retailers can effortlessly measure the outcomes of all of their campaigns. All of these are features can also be found on FinanceOnline’s list of best conversion optimization platforms

“We would like to thank FinancesOnline for giving us this award as an innovator in the conversion optimization industry.” said Chantelle Campbell, Granify’s Director of Marketing. “It’s recognition like this that inspires us to continue pushing the envelope as we work to transform how people shop online.”

To Granify’s valued clients and partners whose continued support has made our first ten years successful, we appreciate you and promise to continue providing you with the highest quality service and execution. We look forward to continuing broadening the horizon of your personalization capabilities.

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