Granify Announces Rapid Personalization for Retailers

Feb 1, 2023 9:00:00 AM
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Granify Announces Rapid Personalization for Retailers

After driving over $680 million in additional revenue for retailers in 2022, Granify is removing the burden of requiring developer and technical resources for retailers to rapidly test ideas and personalize the shopping experience. 

EDMONTON, February 1, 2023 – Granify Inc., acclaimed for its innovative conversion optimization platform, has announced the launch of Granify Rapid Personalization (GRP). GRP allows retailers to curate delightful, profitable, and highly personalized shopping experiences that can be created, tested, and modified without requiring developers or technical resources. 

Granify Announces New Rapid Personalization

This announcement goes hand-in-hand with the rollout of Granify’s Enhanced Shopper Profile, which will further enable retailers to provide optimized experiences to all of their shoppers – new, anonymous, and loyal – without requiring shoppers to be logged in and without using third-party cookies. 

Details of Granify Rapid Personalization and Enhanced Shopper Profile include:

  • Retailers can rapidly bring their own ideas to life, as well as leveraging Granify’s proven personalization techniques, all without requiring any internal development resources.
  • Personalized content is designed collaboratively and within each brands design guidelines, ensuring a seamless shopper experience.
  • The Granify Brain, which optimized over 7 billion shopping sessions to generate over $680 million in incremental sales in 2022, utilizes behavioral data from both the current and past shopping sessions, all without the use of third-party cookies.
  • Personalized content will be dynamically inserted when and where the Granify Brain deems that it will be most impactful for the shopper, operating within any unique requirements or constraints each retailer wishes to include.

“It’s clear that developer resource constraints are a constant pain point for retailers. Retail teams have great ideas and understand the need to innovate to move their business forward, but are often slowed significantly.” said Jeff Lawrence, CEO and founder of Granify. “Granify Rapid Personalization completely removes this constraint.”

This product launch comes on the back of Granify’s recent App Integration and Granify for Search announcements, as the conversion optimization platform continues to expand its services in order to provide fully optimized digital experiences wherever people shop online.

About Granify, Inc.

Granify uses data science to analyze each shopper’s digital body language and create highly tailored and personalized experiences that surface the right content to the right shopper at the right moment.

By enhancing the shopping experience, Granify is able to help enterprise retailers increase their online conversion rates and sales by up to 15%. The company was founded in 2011 by CEO Jeff Lawrence and is backed by Valar Ventures, BDC, FJ Labs, iNovia Capital, and NEU. Granify has offices in Edmonton, Alberta, and Austin, Texas.