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Lacie Larschan

Lacie Larschan

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How Does Granify Work?

Granify increases e-commerce revenue. The next logical question is, how?

2018 Mobile E-Commerce Design Trends

2017 was a banner year for mobile e-commerce.

(Possible) Tenets of 21st Century Retail & E-Commerce

The phrase “The customer is always right” has been repeated in the retail industry for mor...

5 Fundamentals of E-Commerce Customer Experience

I was thinking about buying a mattress online, I needed one, and this seemed like the easi...

Introduction to E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

This is for the new employee on the team, the newly founded e-commerce store, or anyone wh...

Quality E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics

E-Commerce conversion rate optimization statistics are rarely helpful. According to optimi...

Artificial Intelligence Resources for E-Commerce Teams

E-commerce teams are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence tools to save time, s...

For E-Commerce Professionals: What is Digital Body Language?

Frannie walks into a furniture store, sits down on a small white couch, bounces once, and ...

The Framework for Innovative E-Commerce CRO Checklists

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