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Lacie Larschan

Lacie Larschan

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A New Way of Thinking About E-Commerce AB Testing

5 Reasons Why Online Customers Will Buy From Your Competitor

An e-commerce site gets three types of traffic: Customers who will definitely buy Customer...

3 Ways AI Will Change Retail, Inside and Out

Retailers have an unfortunate history of resisting change. Faced with the challenge of e-c...

How to Make Instant, Data-Driven, Business Decisions

Two trends are occurring in tangent: data-driven decision making and the expectation of in...

The State of E-Commerce 2018

It’s just about time for the President of the United States to deliver the State of the Un...

A Riddle About E-Commerce Targeting

A group of teenage boys, a mother and five-year old, and an elderly man walk into a pet st...

Problems With E-Commerce Feedback Loops and How to Fix Them

A 2011 article from Wired Magazine titled “Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops” begins ...

What is the Best Way to Analyze Digital Body Language?

  You have a new customer on your e-commerce site. So far, they have viewed a few product ...

Wrapping Up The E-Commerce Holiday Season

The 2017 holiday season was predicted to be bigger and better than ever before and e-comme...

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