5 Successful Exit-Intent Popup Examples

Oct 26, 2022 9:00:00 AM
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Popups are notorious for having a bad reputation.

When done incorrectly, they can be disruptive, invasive, and downright annoying. But when done right, popups can be an e-commerce store's closest friend. 

According to conversific.com, 30% of the 1,000 largest e-commerce sites in the United States use popups, likely because of their proven effectiveness to promote products, offer discounts, and increase conversions. Exit-intent popups are particularly favorable because they provide shoppers with an immediate value before they leave the site. Not only does this help keep them on a site for longer, but also gives online retailers an opportunity to turn these visitors into paying customers. 

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How do exit-intent popups work?error_shrug

Man shruggingAn exit-intent popup appears on a shopper’s screen when they leave the browsing area and are ready to exit the site. These messages usually include a valuable offer or incentive to encourage shoppers to remain on the site and convert. By including these popups, online retailers have the chance to re-engage 10 to 15% of the visitors they would have otherwise lost.

In this article, we’ll share some effective exit-intent popup examples and why you should include them as part of your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Benefits of Exit-Intent Popups 

They grab attention quickly. 

Because these popups are displayed to website traffic that is about to exit a site, they’re a great way to capture their attention and offer a gentle nudge to reconsider. 

They create a sense of urgency.

Exit popups can be used to offer limited-time specials—25% off their next purchase, if made in the next hour, for example—to drive shoppers toward buying an item they were browsing for.

They reduce cart abandonment.

No online store wants a customer to leave empty-handed, yet e-commerce brands are losing $18 billion in sales every year because of cart abandonment.  An exit-intent popup can remind a shopper that something is still in their cart, and even provide an offer like free shipping to entice them to complete their purchase. 

They increase conversions.

Incentivized exit popups can not only re-engage your visitors, but get them to change their minds and complete their orders. This boosts your conversion rate and overall sales. 

They lower bounce rates.

The average bounce rate for e-commerce stores is between 20% and 45%, confirming that many users will leave a site if they don’t find anything useful. An exit-intent popup could encourage them to stay by providing valuable information like a sale, discount, or even popular items that are selling fast. 

They build your customer list. 

83% of consumers say they'd share their data to create a more personalized user experience. Exit-intent technology is an easy way to collect information you can use to keep shoppers informed about upcoming sales, new products, and more. 

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Exit-Intent Examples That Generate More Sales

These exit-intent popups are excellent examples of how to engage your shoppers and inspire them to convert. 

Cart Abandonment Popup

Cart abandonment popup example that says "WAIT, DON"T LEAVE ALL THAT STYLE IN YOUR BAG. Checkout Now and use code MYFIRSTPAIR20, to take $20 OFF!" with a button below that says "GET MY $20 OFF NOW!"

Why it works: Cart abandonment exit popups appear on the page the moment a shopper with an item in their cart moves their mouse away from the site. These popups not only act as a reminder that there are items left in their cart, but also offer an instant incentive—in this example, $20 off—to encourage them to make the purchase. The result? Studies show that cart abandonment popups have an average conversion rate of 17.12%.

Discount Offer Popup

Discount offer pop-up example that says 'WOULD YOU LIKE A HUG? AND $25 OFF, Get $25 off on your next purchase of our Oodie. It's the next best thing to a hug. We'll also email you lots of stuff that'll make you feel warm and cosy, promise!" The showing an area to enter your first name and email, and then below a "REVEAL MY CODE" button.

Why it works: A discount exit-intent popup can be shown when a visitor is getting ready to leave the site to entice them to stay and continue shopping. In this example, shoppers receive a dollar amount off their order. These types of discounts are shown to have a 7.65% conversion rate. This popup is also great because it allows online retailers to collect valuable customer information they can use for future promotions and special offers.

Urgency Popup

Urgency pop-up example that says "Wait... Save 15%. Ok, you win - 15% discount! Complete your order now and get 15% off. Offer is valid today only." With a 'CHECKOUT NOW" button below.

Why it works: An urgency exit popup tends to emphasize a limited-time offer to keep the shopper from leaving the site without making a purchase. In this instance, a discount is provided for one day only, creating a sense of urgency that compels the shopper to act quickly.

Product Recommendation Popup

Product recommendation pop-up that shows one item with "IF YOU LIKED THIS, Slim Sleeveless Satin Portofino Shirt" with another item next to it that says "YOU'LL LOVE THIS One Eleven Slub off the Shoulder Re..." with a price and a "SHOP NOW" button under it

Why it works: Product Recommendation exit popups can garner tremendous results, especially when they feature suggestions based on a shopper’s interests and buying habits. In fact, personalized product recommendations so well that 45% of shoppers are more likely to shop on sites that offer them. And if that’s not enough, they can also increase click-throughs by more than 100%!

Pain Point Relief Popup

Pain point relief pop-up example that says "Leaving already?" with a collection of items under it, and then "You left some items behind in you cart. Get Free Shipping with code FREESHIP" with a button under that says "Continue Shopping."

Why it works: There are a lot of reasons why shoppers don’t complete their online purchases, but one of the most common ones is extra costs (49% of abandoned carts are left because of this). By eliminating this added fee, you can increase the number of visitors who leave with a purchase, while also gaining brand loyalty by fulfilling their needs.

Other Popup Examples:

Generating sales isn’t the only advantage exit-intent popups can offer. They’re also a helpful way to gather customer information like email addresses or feedback on your site for future improvements.

Here are a couple of examples of other ways exit popups can be used.

Email Subscription Popup

Email subscription pop-up example that shows a picture of actor Ryan Gosling, next to the text "No More Bad Hair days. Our Best Style and Grooming Tips. We'll help you look and feel your best." Followed by an area to enter your email address, and a button that says "GET MY NEWSLETTER"

Why it works: Newsletter and email subscriber exit popups are beneficial because they tell the shopper exactly what value they’ll be receiving from signing up for your email list, and they give the retailer the ability to deepen their relationship with their customers—all while increasing the chances for higher conversions.

Feedback Popup

Feedback pop-up example showing macaroons with the text 'How can we serve you better? Help us improve until next time. How would you rate your shopping experience in our store?" The followed rating list that says "Bad, Okay, Good, Very Good" with the option to click which one you feel reflect the service best. Next to that, a text box that says "Any specific comments? Tell us how we can improve..." with a button underneath that says "Share Feedback."

Why it works: Getting customer feedback on your online store is invaluable in improving your site (and their overall experience). These exit-intent popups can provide you with insights in everything from your customer service to your product descriptions, checkout process, and plenty more.


Exit-intent popups are an extremely efficient way to expand your contact list, enhance your digital marketing, and increase your revenue. When used correctly, like in the examples shown above, this tool can help promote your online store, expand your lead generation efforts, and ultimately optimize your conversion rate. The key is to use the right messaging to appeal to the right shoppers. Once you accomplish that, you’ll be able to keep more visitors on your site for longer, and convert them into satisfied, loyal customers. 

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