Make your Product Page Content Compelling Enough to Sell

By Chris Vaughn June 20, 2017

To buy or not to buy? That is the question (that anyone who makes it to your product page will..

The Importance of an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

By Alex Birkett June 19, 2017

Quick! How many internet-capable devices are there within 6 feet of you? I’d guess there’s more..

The Biggest Problem Facing Retail eCommerce (It's Not Amazon, It's You)

By Jay Doughty June 15, 2017

Amazon is boss. Period. When I shop there, it's easy, intuitive and almost always takes me down..

Top Buyer Objections by Industry [Infographic]

By Brady Cassidy June 14, 2017

Many online retailers believe price is the most important factor for online shoppers. However,..

The Secret Weapon of the eCommerce Negotiation

By Andre Pavlovic June 13, 2017

Andre Pavlovic is the VP of Product at Granify. Prior to that, Andre was most recently Senior..

5 Beautifully Designed Online Food Stores

By Chris Vaughn June 12, 2017

As an eCommerce optimization company, we're fascinated with online shops. We've seen thousands..

Prioritizing A/B Tests for the Highest Impact

By Chris Vaughn June 8, 2017

Conversion optimization is one of the key techniques to getting the most out of your traffic, ..

4 Commonalities Of Winning eCommerce Strategy

By Chris Vaughn May 31, 2017

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

You've probably heard this proverb many times, and..

Using Scarcity to Create Shopper Urgency

By Chris Vaughn May 26, 2017

The psychological impact of scarcity upon shoppers is well-known. Whether it's the number of..


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