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Granify Announces Risk Free, Automatic Revenue Optimization Platform for E­commerce

October 15, 2014 ↓ Download PDF

EDMONTON, Canada — Granify, a leader in real time big data and machine learning solutions, today introduced the first completely risk free, automatic e­commerce revenue optimization platform. The platform leverages the intelligence Granify has accumulated by analyzing over a trillion shopper behavioral points in the last two years.

While most software applications charge a recurring fee regardless of performance, Granify charges a fee only when it directly increases sales. “Our mission at Granify is simple: to increase your revenue by helping more visitors buy from your site,” said Jeff Lawrence, CEO of Granify. “We should only be compensated for our success in achieving this mission.”

Granify’s service is also not reliant on the time the client is able to dedicate to using the product. Rather, Granify’s big brained computers do the heavy lifting and get smarter as more and more shoppers go through the platform.

“This is a massive shift for e­commerce. Resources are extremely constrained for most retailers. By taking away the burden of a substantial time commitment that’s required with most solutions as well as never requiring payment until our clients see a significant sales bump, we’re able to shift the risk away from the retailer”, said Brady Cassidy, Marketing Director at Granify.

Doug Hall, Director of Marketing at Nature Hills and a Granify client, points out another benefit. Retailers often overuse discounts to increase conversion rates while hurting margins. Nature Hills highlights that Granify makes sure a retailer is not unnecessarily providing discounts to customers that don’t have a price objection. “By offering discounts to just a fraction of our traffic, we were able to get the same revenue boost without sacrificing our margins to the people we didn’t have to. It certainly helped our record season happen!” said Doug Hall, Director of Marketing at Nature Hills. “Our year­to­year visitor value has increased 48% since we started with Granify”.

Granify works with retailers across most verticals that do anywhere from millions to billions in annual revenue. For a limited time, Granify is offering a free 30 day trial and afterwards, as Lawrence points out, Granify is only compensated based on performance. Learn more at granify.com.

About Granify

Granify automatically maximizes revenue for online retailers by identifying shoppers that aren’t going to buy and changing their mind ­ before they leave the site ­ by harnessing the power of real­time big data and machine learning. For more information or a free trial, visit Granify at granify.com

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